The Roadracing World Action Fund celebrates its 10th anniversary of promoting motorcycle racing safety with a banner year of creative fundraising and record donations from both the road race and dirt track motorcycle racing communities. The total donations have reached $894,660.16; of that total, $815,526.67 was designated for road racing and $78,989.97 for dirt track.

The dirt track portion of the Roadracing World Action Fund got an extra boost this year as the result of stepped up participation within the dirt track /flat track community, including a bike raffle and donations from individuals and AMA Pro Dirt Track.

The Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Airfence Fundraiser Presented by Foremost Insurance Group, AMA Pro Racing and Arai Helmets: David Lloyd spearheaded a fundraising drive to raise money for the dirt track portion of the Roadracing World Action Fund. AMA Pro donated a bike to raffle, while Lloyd enlisted sponsors, set up a website and displayed the bike at 11 AMA Pro Flat Track events, where he sold raffle tickets. The year-long effort raised $11,500.

Susan Conklin donated $1000, honoring the memory of her brother, Mike Shattuck. Conklin wrote: "My brother, Mike Shattuck, was a Harley-Davidson dealer in Sacramento, California. He passed away last December. Mike got into flat track racing and sponsored Chris Carr for several years. I got to meet Chris this past summer at a memorial for Mike, planned on the Sacramento Mile weekend. I got to see first-hand the thrills and excitement my brother had experienced over the years. My intention as the trustee of Mike's estate this past year is to continue donating to causes he honored. I spoke with Chris about the racing and he mentioned the Action Fund and the need for more Airfence."

AMA Pro Dirt Track donated $15,795 from competition fines, protests and undistributed bonuses.

The 5th annual NESBA Chili Cook-Off at Blackhawk Farms raised $10,722 in contributions for the Action Fund, beating last year's total by $325, and bringing the five-year total to $36,441.

The 7th annual Chris Ulrich Two-Up Bike Ride Fundraiser, held over Thanksgiving weekend at Auto Club Speedway and hosted by Fastrack Riders, raised $4815 for the Roadracing World Action Fund, bringing the grand total to $33,405 since the event's inception. In addition to hosting the two-up ride event Fastrack Riders also donated an extra $20,000 this year. Lucas Oil made a major contribution by paying for $2000 worth of rides for various employees, business associates and VIPs.

The NESBA Mid-Atlantic Roadracing World Action Fund Raffle and Meet & Greet, held at NJMP Thunderbolt course on April 2nd, 2011, raised $1840 in contributions.

A fundraising cookout held in the paddock during a WERA regional round at Barber Motorsports Park in early May raised $522.

Following the tragic death of MotoGP star Marco Simoncelli Kasey Ray began to sell "Super Sic" decals as a fundraiser for the Roadracing World Action Fund, and so far has raised $400. "The response has been really amazing,” Ray wrote. “In fact, since it was so great, Redline Vinyl Graphics printed up 150 more of the carbon background ‘Ciao Super Sic’ and 150 more of the Italian shield ‘Super Sic’ stickers.” The Paypal account to order the decals is

Max McAllister's Traxxion Dynamics first donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund in 2001--when RWAF founder John Ulrich launched his "Take Back The AMA" safety movement--by donating $2900, which at the time was enough to purchase one 30-foot section of Airfence inflatable soft barrier. Since then, Traxxion Dynamics has continued to donate steadily over 10 years, and with this year's donations totaling $1250, has reached a grand total of $11,750 in contributions. began offering its customers the opportunity to donate to the Roadracing World Action Fund at checkout as part of a program whereby Motosport matches each donation dollar-for-dollar--the year-long total donated came to $2442.

The D-Store in Costa Mesa, California, had a screening party/fundraiser for the movie Faster, raising $730 for the Action Fund.

The Adrenaline Racing Hang Dry Auction raised $138.50.

Donations made in memory of NESBA Mid-Atlantic Director Mike Moore have reached $1400, including contributions from Darly Moore Bernardo, MD, $500; James Norris, $100; Paul Heller, $100; John H. Lee, $100; Chad Larsen, $100; Nancy LeMay, $100; Steve Zielenski, $100; Gene Bratovich, $50; Angela Tade, $50; and Dan & Diane Nilan, $50. Dedicating their donations to both Mike Moore and Bryan Andrews were Tom McKenna, $100; and Darrin Zumbaum, $50.

Donations made in memory of Al Wilcox totaling $1427 include contributions from Roger Lyle's Motorcycle Xcitement, $1000; Christian V. Smith, $157; Douglas Robinson, $100; Barbara Bacon, $50; John Jenkins, 50; Bob Guerra, $50; and Robert W. Davis $20.

Donations made in memory of Peter Lenz have reached a total of $5578. These include recent contributions from Booth Beckett, $250; Shawn T. Finn/Finn Motorsports, $75; David Longfellow, $75; Eric Anderson, $60; Dennis Edwards, $50; Randall Joy, $50; Yuliya Marcer, $50; Mike Wells, $50; Beverly Lee, $50; Nolan Delannoy, $50; Brandon Longaker $50; Justin Sonan, $50; Michael Nicherson, $45; Rick Merina, $40; Jay Bowden $25; Stephen Korell $25; Jameson Lipe, $25; Ryan Matter, $20; Robert Ingals, $20; Chris James, $20; Frank Bastone, $20; Tommy Specker, $20; Kenneth Clawson, $20; Nicolas Schneider, $20; James Gannon, $16; Kevin Lynn, $15; Richard Mallett $15; Lawrence Coates II, $10; Paul Chavarria, $10; Bjorn Niggewohner, $10; Herbert Nagi , $10; James Copenhaver, $10; Erik Martis de Souza, $4. The Lenz Family also held an auction which raised $2025 for the Roadracing World Action Fund.

Steven Brunton began donating to the Action Fund in 2005 with a $200 contribution; the following year it was $250, and by 2007 he began annual contributions of $1000 each. With this year's donation, Brunton's all-time total stands at $5450.

Every year since 2008 - always on July 7th - Joe & Andrea Marietta have donated $407 in memory of Jeremy Gordon; their total contribution has reached $1628.

Craig Beardsley's donations are on a schedule - $75 every three months. His contributions now total $675.

Chevron, Microsoft and Clorox each have programs to encourage employees to support the charity of their choice by offering matching funds. The amount of the donation is deducted through payroll and matched by the employer, effectively doubling the each donation. Through these programs, Chevron employees Michael Arenella and Chris Brown have contributed $3125 and $6962, respectively, since 2006. Contributing from Microsoft employees include Robin Caron, with a running total of $600 since 2008; Graham McIntyre, $1750 since 2008; Duncan McDonald, $800 since 2009; and Anibal Nieves, $300 in 2011. Clorox employee Ronald Deaver has a total of $1384, starting in 2006.(Each of the totals listed include the matching fund amount).

The Roadracing World Action Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)3
non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

To help save lives and prevent injuries at racetracks, donate online at, call 800-464-8336 or send your tax deductible donation to:

Roadracing World Action Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 1428
Lake Elsinore, CA 92531

Summary of Recently Posted Contributions

Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. (Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)

Fastrack Riders $20,000
NESBA Annual Chili Cook-Off $10,722 ($36,441)
Fastrack Riders/Chris Ulrich Two-Seat Event $4815 ($33,405)
Anonymous/Ft. Wayne, IN $4000 Matching Funds Program $2442
Peter Lenz Bike Auction - The Lenz Family $2025
Traxxion Dynamics $1250 ($11,750)
Steven Brunton $1000 ($5450)
Paul Bryant/Left Coast Digital $1000
Christopher M. Brown/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $2400 ($6962)
2011 NESBA Meet & Greet at NJMP $1840
Roger Lyle's Motorcycle Xcitement $1000 ($2200) In memory of Al Wilcox
Michael Arenella/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $799.40 ($3125.40)
Faster Movie Screening Fundraiser at D-Store Costa Mesa $730
WERA Cookout, Barber 2011 $522
Darly Moore Bernardo, MD $500 In Memory of Mike Moore "Godspeed, Mikey. I love you….Darly."
David Pierce $500 ($2500)
Adrian Jones $475
Joe & Andrea Marietta $407 ($1628) In Memory of Jeremy Gordon
Duncan MacDonald/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $400 ($800)
Kasey Ray $400 Super Sic Stickers Fundraiser
Anibal Nieves/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $300
Craig Beardsley $300 ($675) NESBA/BHF
Ronald Deaver $253.07 ($1384.03)
AMA Fines Program $250 ($12,350)
Kathleen Gubanich $250
Dan Griffiths/Prolong Super Lubricants $250
Scott Greenwood $250 ($450)
Red Hot Riders $250
Booth Beckett $250 In Memory of Peter Lenz
The 2011 USGPRU Racers $230
Lucas Oil eBay Auction/Jim Davis $227.50
Keith Souter $200 ($800)
Anonymous/Orange CA $200
Clark Williamson $200
Robin Caron/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $200 ($600)
Gary Rand $175 ($676) In Memory of Rusty Bradley
Christian V. Smith $157 In Memory of Al Wilcox ($314)
Adrenaline Racing Hang Dry Auction $138.50
New Jersey Motorsports Park Cornerworkers $125 "Despite being hard work [to deploy soft barriers] the ritual of folding them up after the meet gives time to reflect on the events. Do not automate this process - the dialog and banter is still worth looking forward to…" - Victor Vallera
Greg Reynolds $100
Peter Hively $100
Vincent Ursini $100
Bruce Liddle $100 ($200)
The M Racing Team $100
Andrew Swenson Design: Custom Race Paint $100
Douglas Robinson $100 In Memory of Al Wilcox
Geoffrey Kramer $100 ($511)
Eric Hinz $100 ($360)
Jason Rigby $100 ($150)
Douglas Burkholder $100
Robert Byland $100 ($300)
Chad Larsen $100 In Memory of Mike Moore "You will be in our memories forever, Mike Moore!"
James Norris $100 In Memory of Mike Moore
John H. Lee $100 In Memory of Mike Moore "I would like to dedicate this to Mike Moore, NESBA MA Director and a true gentleman."
Paul Heller $100 In Memory of Mike Moore
Travis Boatwright $100
Tom McKenna $100 "In Memory of Mike Moore and Bryan Andrews…NESBA"
Nancy LeMay $100 "In Memory of Mike Moore NESBA (1966 - 2011). Godspeed #353."
Michael Bootes $100 "Turn 10 at Putnam with USGPRU 10/8-9/11 - Very glad it was there for our rider Rob Hancock. Not that he used it for anything more than confidence on his drive out."
Duane Teevans $100 "Thank you John Ulrich and all of the others for putting so much of your hearts into this great organization."
Matthew Paulson $100 In Memory of Bryan Andrews
Steve Zielenski $100 ($400) In memory of Mike Moore
Finn Motorsports $75 In Memory of Peter Lenz "My wife and two sons are all mini road racers and had followed Peter via his website and Youtube videos. Although we never met him, we still look up to him for the example he set as a rider and person. Finn Motorsports will be dedicating our 2011 season to Peter’s memory." - Shawn T. Finn
David Longfellow $75 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Melissa Burkholder $75
Clifford Macinnes $75 "I bow to the BBS (Worthless)"
Drake Hodge $65 ($125)
Eric Anderson $60 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Dennis Edwards $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Barbara Bacon $50 In Memory of Al Wilcox
John Jenkins $50 In Memory of Al Wilcox
Jermaine Jones $50
Joseph Lachniet $50
Anne McIntosh $50
Michael Bridges $50
Mark Fisher $50
Carl Comegys $50
Benjamin Hower $50 "Thank you for keeping 'em safe."
Kirsten & Boogie $50
Greg Reisinger $50 ($140)
Jason Jacques $50 ($100)
Beverly Lee $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Todd Sparrow $50
David Evans $50
Drew Blahnick $50 "Thank you guys. Had a high-speed lowside in Miami and my GPS showed a 300-foot straight line slide toward the wall. I stopped short, but for all those that have not and will not, they need more."
Yuliya Marcer $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Brandon Longaker $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Mike Wells $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz "I have 14-year-old twin boys who are just getting started road racing with the MRA and Peter has been a great inspiration for them."
Chuck Tydrich $50
Barry Clark $50 "In loving memory of Anthony Weiner's career. From the WERA BBS."
James diPretoro $50
David Beckwith $50
Brad Martone $50 "Thank you from a track-day enthusiast."
Gill Barnett $50
Mark Rozema $50
Justin Sonan $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Randall Joy $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Nolan Delannoy $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Darrin Zumbaum $50 "In memory of NESBA Director Mike Moore who died this November at NJMP Thunderbolt & Bryan Andrews who died this year in October at Road Atlanta riding at NESBA Events. These may have been prevented by a greater soft barrier presence at those facilities."
Gene Bratovich $50 In Memory of Mike Moore
Dan & Diane Nilan $50 In Memory of Mike Moore "May he rest in peace."
Angela Tade $50 In Memory of Mike Moore "Love you Mike."
Gabriel & Erica Tyree $50
Patrick Ryan $50 ($150)
Albert Garcia $50 "If Josh Herrin's gonna donate, then, hell, why shouldn't I?"
Brad Martone $50 "To Help keep all track-day riders and racers safe."
Larry Lawrence $50 ($125)
Bob Dickey $48 ($198) "Happy Birthday Harry Tomlinson. A buck a year!"
Michael Nicherson $45 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Rick Merina $40 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Stephen Haft $25
Stephen Korell $25 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Bob Guerra $25 In Memory of Al Wilcox
Jay Bowden $25 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Hugh Dunklee $25
Jameson Lipe $25 In memory of Peter Lenz
Kenneth Clausen $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Marianna Weaver $20
Chris James $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Tommy Specker $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Ryan Matter $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Robert Ingals $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Frank Bastone $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Nicholas Schneider $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz
In Memory of Super Sic $20
David Foley $20
David Elm $20
James Gannon $16 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Chris Mead $15
Richard Mallett $15 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Kevin Lynn $15 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Lawrence Coates II $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Terry Goslinga $10
Bjorn Niggewohner $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Herbert Nagi $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz
James Copenhaver $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Paul Chavarria $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Robert W. Davis $10 In Memory of Al Wilcox
Kevin Foster $5 ($10)
Robert Berger $5
Erik Martins de Souza $4 In Memory of Peter Lenz
Tim Parkhurst 1.72

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Airfence Fundraiser Presented by Foremost Insurance Group, AMA Pro Racing and Arai Helmets $11,500
AMA Pro Racing $12,595
AMA Fines Program - Dirt Track $3200
Susan Conklin $1000 In Memory of Mike Shattuck
Vince Holt $600
Steven C. Fulmer $100
Jason Rigby $100 ($150)
John D. Blackstock & Mike "Stu" Stuhler/Stu's Shots $100 In Memory of Wayne Hosaka/
Drake Hodge $35
Robert W. Davis $10 In Memory of Al Wilcox

Roadracing World Action Fund, Inc.

December 9, 2011
Accounting Details to Date
Road Racing Expenditure Details

Purchase of Soft Barriers: $692,586.94

Shipping/Customs: $39,909.28

Bank Fees: $862.89

Air Fence* Deployment Crew Training: $700

Transportation & Installation: $10,569.78

Soft Barrier Repairs $3500

Corporation/Business Fees: $2758

Online Auction Fees: $327.46

Printing Education Materials: $346.42

Misc Supplies: $86.13

Total Spent: $751,646.90

Total Donations Collected: $815,526.67

Misc. Income: $143.52

Cash on hand: $64,023.29

Dirt Track Expenditure Details

Direct purchase of soft barriers: $46,339.35

Shipping/Customs: $2717.72

Transportation & Installation $2174.77

Total Spent: $51,231.84

Total collected: $78,989.97

Cash on hand: $27,758.13

All administrative costs, including the percentage taken by credit card companies on credit card donations, have been absorbed by Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

Airfence in a Trademark of Airfence Safety Systems Australia.