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Another 20 Air Fence Sections To Ship Next Week, Should Be Available For Road America
In addition to 15 new sections of Alpina Air Module being delivered to Road Atlanta in time for this weekend's AMA Superbike Nationals, another 20 sections of Air Fence will be shipped by May 22 and should be available for the AMA National at Road America June 7-10.The two shipments will bring the minimum number of Air Fence/Air Module sections available for use at AMA Nationals to 38, up from the 3 sections currently owned and deployed by the AMA.The next guy to crash in the kink at Road America will no doubt thank the AMA as well as contributors to the Roadracing World Air Fence fund.
May 16, 2001
Late Racer's Father Issues Air Fence Challenge To CCS Midwest Riders
Gordon Lunde Sr., whose own son Gordie died after hitting a concrete bridge abutment during a race at Road Atlanta several years ago, has challenged CCS racers in the Midwest to contribute enough to the Roadracing World Air Fence Fund to pay for one section of Air Fence.Lunde runs the Wegman Benefit fund, a non-profit group which provides financial aide to injured road racers.In an e-mail to Roadracing World, Lunde wrote "I have noticed a severe lack of donations for the Air Fence Fund coming from the Midwest Region CCS membership."Yes, the Wegman Fund donated $2900 which is largely money from these Midwest Region racers but the direct contributions are not there."I have had talks with three people from this area concerning Air Fence for midwest area tracks.
May 15, 2001
Air Fence Fund Reaches $123,340 With Help From Higbee, Hopkins And CMRRA
New donations pushed the Roadracing World Air Fence Fund up to $123,340, with $895 from Linda, John and Susanne Hopkins/In Memory of Roy Hopkins, $537 from CMRRA, $500 from Shawn Higbee/Team KWS/Millenium Technologies, $200 from Jeffrey S.
May 15, 2001
Dormier Would Have Liked To Have Hit Air Fence At Sears Point
Thanks to Sears Point Raceway officials, there were seven additional sections of Air Fence at the AMA National to supplement the AMA’s three pieces, but not everyone who needed the Air Fence found it.
May 11, 2001
Air Fence Fund Reaches $121,458 With Help From Racers Gobert, Chauncey, Lind, Fiscus, Kennedy, Cereda and Reyes And A Crash Truck Crew
The Roadracing World Air Fence Fund reached $121,458 with an expanded mission of funding Air Fence not only for use at AMA Pro Racing events but also at F-USA, WERA, CCS and affiliated races.The latest donations were headed by $2900 from Tom Chauncey/Team Wreckless/Pro Thunder #42/AMA 332406, while Anthony and Aaron Gobert sent $1000 and Terry Knott sent $500.
May 11, 2001
It's A Deal: AMA And Work Together On Air Fence Project
The AMA has just issued a press release announcing its Air Fence Program, including cooperation with the Roadracing World Air Fence Fund.
May 11, 2001
Air Fence Fund Total Hits $116,147 With Help From Another Father Of A Racer
The new total in the Roadracing World Air Fence Fund is $116,147 thanks to a new round of donations led off by Willow Springs Raceway at $3000, Team Pro-Motion Sportbike Club at $1000, OMRRA at $500 and James D.
May 09, 2001
Roadracing World And Ballzee Aggressive Wear To Host Air Fence Contributor Appreciation Party At Road Atlanta
Roadracing World and Ballzee Aggressive Wear will host a Friday evening, May 18 Air Fence Contributor Appreciation Party and Barbeque for contributors to our Air Fence Fund.Contributors will also have an opportunity to autograph sections of Air Fence/Air Module that their contributions helped pay for.
May 08, 2001
Updated Post: Yates' Crash Into Air Fence Makes Believers Out Of TV Audience
Aaron Yates' high-speed crash into an air barrier at Sears Point during the televised 600cc Supersport race made a big impact on viewers, including racers and crew members who saw the crash on TV monitors along pit lane.In what may be karma, Yates and his wife Heather upped their donation to our Air Fence fund by $300 to a total of $500 the day before his crash into one of the few Air Fence modules in action at Sears Point.Yates went into the air barrier neck and shoulders first, and his father, Lucky, pointed out that such an impact into haybales (or worse, into a bare concrete or steel barrier) can be very, very serious.Yates went out of his way to mention Air Fence on the Superbike podium later in the day and in the post-Superbike-race press conference, and to specifically mention's efforts to obtain more Air Fence for our racers.The section of inflated air barrier that Yates hit was an Air Fence module.
May 07, 2001
CMRA And Aaron Yates Push Air Fence Fund To $110,332
New Sears Point AMA Superbike provisional pole-sitter Aaron Yates upped his donation to the Roadracing World Air Fence fund by another $300 and CMRA racers sent in a combined $1551 to help push our Air Fence fund to $110,332.Included in the CMRA contribution were donations of $500 from Ronnie Lunsford/Northwest Honda, $300 from Eugene Templet, $300 Eric Kelcher/Blockworks, $200 from Melissa Tomlinson/G-Man Racing, $125 from Pete Martins, $100 from Norm Mc Donald, $10 from Irwin Arnstein/CMRA #747, $10 from Frank Shacklee, $5 from Jan Steven/Carpet Dog Racing, and $1 from Erik Schmidt.Other contributions included $150 from Marc Palazzo/Synergy Racing, while the Texas Sport Bike Assn./Dallas-Ft.Worth Chapter donated $100, CelentoHenn Architecture + Design sent $100, Andrew S.
May 05, 2001

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