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This rider put this section of inflatable air barrier to the test at the WERA GNFs, Road Atlanta. He walked away uninjured.

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The Army Gets Serious
An Innovative Approach To Motorcycle Safety

At the end of 2005, the U.S. Army realized it had a big problem on its hands: Motorcycle crashes (and more specifically sportbike crashes) had grown to be the largest cause of off-duty fatalities involving Soldiers, with 45 motorcycle-related deaths that year. An increasing number of Soldiers, flush with cash from deployments and longing for the adrenaline they'd become accustom to while in Irag or Afghanistan (so the theory goes), were buying sportbikes when they returned to the U.S. - and not just any sportbike. Suddenly a young, inexperienced Soldier could afford the fastest, latest and greatest machine as their first bike. Read the rest of this feature...

Racing Safety
An Essay On Dale Earnhardt And Daijiro Kato

I think it's time we wake up and do something about this racing death problem. "Who, me?" you ask? Yes. You. If you are a racer, you have an interest. If you are a race promoter, you have an interest. If you are a track owner, you have an interest. If you are a parent, a crewmember, a friend, a fan, anyone! Too often we do nothing. TV and magazine spokespersons spout the philosophy and the sound-bite answers when someone gets killed at the track. Nothing gets done. Read the rest of this feature...

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This is the official website of the Roadracing World Action Fund. Thanks to contributions from friends, fans and family of racers as well as from the motorcycle industry, the Roadracing World Action Fund has been able to promote motorcycle racing safety, and in particular, to encourage and facilitate the use of soft air barriers at motorcycle racing events.

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